What is Search Engine Optimization (aka SEO)? – The Digital Pickle Podcast #1

What is SEO (or Search Engine Optimization)? How do I do SEO? Josh & Matt introduce one of the greatest marketing strategies for your website in the first episode of our digital marketing podcast. If you’ve been wondering how to get on the top of search engines results pages on Google or Bing; this introduction to our SEO series is where you should start.

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2:09 What is SEO?
4:28 How does SEO work?
7:17 Is SEO Legal/Ethical?
10:38 Will I be Penalized if I do SEO?
10:54 What are some Blackhat SEO Tactics?
14:00 How do I do SEO?
15:19 How often do I need to do SEO?
17:17 Should I hire someone to do SEO for me?
19:43 How do I track my SEO efforts?
22:27 How long does it take for me to see results for my SEO efforts?
25:47 How does Google know about your site?
27:29 Does being mobile friendly improve my SEO?
30:22 Does social media affect SEO?

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  1. WEtech Alliance says:

    Just to add on the topic of social media’s impact on SEO, while a strong SM presence won’t directly help your website rank up, it will definitely help your BRAND rank higher and gives additional access points for people to discover you. Having your website linked to your SM accounts means that even if people are discovering you through your SM account, they still have easy access to your website for more info, etc.

    Definitely agree about not paying for followers on social media. Not all followers are created equally. Especially on Facebook, where their algorithm ensures that only a tiny fraction of the people that like your page actually see your posts. Having a bunch of disengaged/fake accounts like your page will actually hurt your reach considerably.

    • The Digital Pickle says:

      We definitely agree that linking your social media and your website is the recommended thing to do. At the end of the day, it’s all about getting organic traffic. This is something we may have to cover in another video, wouldn’t you agree? 😀

  2. WEtech Alliance says:

    Very informative. Awesome job on the new Podcast! Looking forward to checking out more episodes.

    • The Digital Pickle says:

      Thank you! More informative digital marketing podcasts and other video content are coming to this channel

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