On-Page SEO and its importance (Hindi)

On-Page SEO and its importance (Hindi)

Google has listed out rely on 200+ factors that decide whether a website will rank. On-page or on-site SEO is all those factors that you can control on your website so that it ranks. This includes meta titles, meta description, right content, right images, optimizing your website for speed, optimizing your website for better user-experience, how many pages you have got, how fresh your website is, how regularly you update your content and similar other factors are part of on-page SEO. Using the right keywords in the right place, having substantial content, there should be no technical issues on the website. You also need to make sure the user experience is good. You should be able to retain viewers to the site for a longer period.

Page speed is very important, especially on mobile devices. Having a decent amount of good quality content is also necessary. These things are important. Freshness is also important as these are taken into account by Google.

Develop site well for Google as well as users. 55-60% contribution is done by on-page SEO.

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