Off-Page SEO and its Importance (Hindi)

Off-Page SEO and its Importance (Hindi)

Hrishikesh, the digital marketing expert interviews Rohit Vedantwar, the owner of Supramind Solutions, in another exciting episode by Supramind Solutions. In this video, Rohit Vedantwar explains what according to him is off-page SEO. He also throws light on the significance of backlinks.

Off-page SEO are factors that are not in your control but which impact your ranking. When you link to social pages like Facebook and Twitter, you are giving a backlink to them. Some part of value gets passed as you link to websites. If you have more people or more websites link to you, your ranking improves. You need to have backlinks from different types of websites. You need to have a backlink from good quality websites and on a regular basis. You need to have proper keywords to rank higher.

Links from relevant websites matter. These help you to rank higher in Google search results.

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